Yard Lawn and Home Maintenance Services Newcastle Lake Macquaire

Perfectly mowed lawns and the neatest edges in town!

We don't just mow lawns at HULK, we perfect them.

Whether you already have the perfect lawn, that you'd like to have maintained, or you have a weed covered monster patch that just won't seem to grow. We tackle a wide variety of different lawns, and can bring even the worst lawn back to life with a little TLC.

We cut all lawns (unless otherwise requested) at a minimum height of 37mm - 50mm, to ensure the grass leaf remains at just the right length to ensure a nice green weed free lawn.

If your lawn is in need of nutrients we can provide you with the perfect blend of fertilisers to get it back on track and green again too.

Large blocks of any size are no problem at all. We have strong regular client base of customers that have small acreages, industrial blocks, and large awkward blocks.

We can also clear any overgrown block with ease