Yard Lawn and Home Maintenance Services Newcastle Lake Macquaire

Tree felling & Stump Grinding Services

Tree removal!

  No problem!  We can remove most any tree from any site, and at very competitive prices

We are also able to remove the largest of stumps, and can grind them out to below ground level. Once we're done there will be no trace of the stump or roots around it at all.

If your on a budget, we can offer to cut the trees into manageable pieces, and leave at your site so you can slowly feed into your monthly green-waste bin.

Otherwise, we provide same day green-waste removal and disposal services for your convenience

Tree felling with absolute accuracy is our speciality. It saves time, and most importantly saves you dollars

Need it done fast?

We have a team of 4 guys in Newcastle ready to get there and get the job done right, and in a minimal time frame

If you have multiple stumps at the same sight, you can save by getting them all done at once.